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Born and raised in New York, Ryan Brahms knew at a young age what he was meant to do. Resilience, a love of music and a natural appreciation of the human condition filled Ryan with an unwavering passion to artistically share his journey.

A trained musician, composer and arranger Ryan had performed clarinet and saxophone throughout NYC with numerous legends such as James Brown and Dave Brubeck all by the age 19. However, soon after due to an injury, he lost his ability to continue playing horns. But his determination and passion for music did not end there; he shifted his focus towards singing and songwriting.

His early songs quickly gained attention by multiple managers and label’s in LA and NYC. After relocating for several years in LA and many broken promises Ryan persevered remaining true to his purpose. He wrote hundreds of songs about his experiences pushing the boundaries of both himself and the world around him. In 2013, Ryan moved back home to NY, where he quickly found multiple residences all over the city and the opportunity of working with a major record label presented itself. His first official full scale production was the renowned Cutting Room where he sold out the venue. It was at this event where he shared with the world for the first time his hit song, Superman. “It’s so much a part of me this song. It talks about my journey as a human being. The ups and downs that life throws at you and the strength to overcome adversity. It’s in these moments where we grow, where we really live.”

Later that year while leaving an underground performance Ryan was attacked and brutally beaten. Needing hospitalization, reconstructive surgery, a titanium plate implanted in the left side of his face and a jaw wired shut for two months brought everything to a halt. Unable to eat, and of course, sing, marked one of the darkest times of his life. Despite it all, Ryan found light by throwing himself deeper into song writing. The honesty can be felt in the rewrite of Superman, Hands Up and the Only Way.

Now, Ryan Brahms is stronger than ever! He’s releasing an album and performing shows in early 2015, comprising of songs he is deeply passionate about. His original songs, Superman, Be Mine, For This, The Only Way, Blue Morning and Hands Up are fully written and produced by him. Also, featuring songs produced with arguably one of the most successful Asian producers our generation has seen, Rishi Rich of Teddy Riley Music Group. Rishi creatively produced mixes with his unique signature sound for Superman, For This and The Only Way. He will also be releasing a touching music video for ballad Be Mine, just in time for Valentine’s Day, followed by a music video for Superman!

John Lennon said. ‘Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans’. We all have some sort of dream; big and small alike. It’s that idea of how it’s supposed to be. How we hope it will all end up. The cliché of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is true of every story. Dreams and realities can be two very different things. As long as you remain true and honest with yourself no matter what life throws at you, you will always get to where you were supposed to be.” “I want to share my journey through my songs. They are all about things I have witnessed, experienced and overcome. I hope others can find inspiration and strength in that.




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